G'gong - The Will of the Nine Dawns

$79.00 $89.00
Celestial Genesis Series
Limited 221/300
Size 117mm
Material Resin
Parts 16
Releasing Aug 2018


This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. The painted example is for inspiration only. Shipped from Spain.

G’gong has long resented that the Celestials hide like cowards within PanGu's domain, blindly ignoring the enemies awaiting them. He desires to return to the stars, to raze the Sea of Consciousness, and to reclaim the old worlds and ways of the Celestials. The Old Ones lingering in the dark have heard his call, and they have bestowed on him the ancient power to conquer. G'gong shall carry out the Old Ones' will, reunite the Celestials, and seize control of the Mountain of BuZhou. Then, through PanGu's power, he will fuse the Celestials into one unstoppable force and take back the cosmos.

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