Celestial Genesis Series
Limited 175/300
Size 74mm
Material Resin
Parts 12
Release July 2018


This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. The painted example is for inspiration only. Shipped from Spain.

Jingwei has already died once in the Sea of Consciousness. The darkness devoured her, warped her, then spat her back out. And so Jingwei was resurrected. She knows she's not a pure Celestial anymore. The darkness saw to that. Zhurong cries for her blood; her people call her an abomination. Jingwei thus finds herself riddled by hatred. She resents the Celestials who left her to die in the Sea of Consciousness, and who cry for her second death now. She also resents herself, a freak from the abyss. It is only in Nüwa that she sees light. Perhaps in Nüwa there's even hope. That's likely a worthier thing to die twice for than most.

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