$49.00 $59.00
Celestial Genesis Series
Limited 106/300
Size 88mm
Material Resin
Parts 8
Releasing Aug 2018


This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. The painted example is for inspiration only. Shipped from Spain.

Only one Celestial can still "converse" with PanGu: the Lady Nüwa. No one doubted that Nüwa embodied PanGu's will until the day she declared that PanGu desired for the Celestials to change, becoming something else entirely. Incensed, Zhurong pulled Nüwa down from her altar and arrested her for heresy. Zhurong then declared that PanGu had deemed all mutated Celestials unholy, and were thus subject to purging. Unwilling to be quietly exterminated, the mutated Celestials formed their own faction. Called the Flesh of Nüwa, they look to Nüwa as their hope of salvation.

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