Queen of the Void

$59.00 $69.00
Celestial Genesis Series
Limited 41/300
Size 102mm
Material Resin
Parts 12
Release June 2018


This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. The painted example is for inspiration only. Shipped from Spain.

While every Celestial is unique, Queen of the Void and her followers are still disquietingly different. There is an ancientness about them, even by Celestial standards. And, while they are still protected by PanGu, their power arises from somewhere - or something - else. Is PanGu's domain a sanctuary for them also, or is it instead a prison? One cannot know by studying Queen of the Void’s aloof, detached demeanor. But one thing is certain: She never stopped observing PanGu. It's as if she's waiting for an opportunity to present itself, biding her time to strike.

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