Uzeon - The Wing of the Cryptick Mist

$49.00 $59.00
Celestial Genesis Series
Limited 225/300
Size 90mm
Material Resin
Parts 10
Releasing July 2018


This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. The painted example is for inspiration only. Shipped from Spain.

Uzeon understands the perilous position he is in. He is the only Guardian left besides Zhurong. The other two Guardians have lost the control of their senses and are nowhere to be found. And, with the Mountain of BuZhou under his protection, G'gong and X'Hydral have vowed to reduce him to ashes. Uzeon's only hope is to garner Zhurong's full support. But, to get that, he must pledge his total allegiance to her. Uzeon is running short on options. And these are perilous times indeed.

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